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Tandem Skydiving FAQs

Your Questions Answered

General First Jump Questions

Do I have to be 18?

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Should I do a Tandem jump, or an AFF jump?

Is there a weight limit?

Can I bring my own camera or go-pro?

What kind of clothes should I wear?

What about if I wear glasses or contacts?

What if I am too old or in poor physical condition?

What is the training for Tandem?

How long will this all take?

After I have completed my tandem skydive what's next?

Can I split a video with someone else?

What if the parachute does not open?

Will I get sick?

How hard will I land?

Do you jump in all weather?

What other extra costs are involved?

Are customers expected to tip their Instructors?

Do You Have More Questions?

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