AFF courses are offered during the spring and summer seasons. Trainings begin each year around March 1 and the program closes for the winter at the end of September. 

The AFF course is comprised of 7 levels.  Each level builds upon the lessons learned in the previous one.  For the first level of our progression you will go to iFly Portland and spend 15 minutes in the indoor windtunnel with one of our trained instructors. During that session we will teach you hover control, how to begin a turn and how to stop one and general in-flight control of your body in preparation for your next level, where you actually fly in the sky! For level II and III you will take to the sky while two jumpmasters exit the aircraft holding on to you and assisting you during the freefall portion of the jump.  Once your parachute is open, you will make a solo canopy descent while being guided from the ground by a qualified instructor using a radio.  In the next two levels (Levels IV & V) you will learn how to do turns and forward and backwards movement.  Upon successful completion on these levels, you will progress to more advanced maneuvers such as solo exits and front and back loops. Start preparing immediately by studying the USPA Skydivers Information Manual

AFF classes are held on weeknights (Monday through Thursday evenings) beginning at 5:00pm (or by special appointment if these times absolutely will not work for you). Attendance scheduled by reservation only! To reserve your space in one of our upcoming classes call us at 844-875-9348. 


                                                RESERVATIONS WITH $50 NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED                                           


Must be 18 years old

Under 250 lbs (Call for exceptions)

In good health (Call for exceptions) 

You will start your journey with ground school. During ground school you will learn the principles of skydiving, body position, aircraft procedures, the basics of canopy flight, aircraft and emergency procedures. As stated above, the next step will take you to iFly Portland, where one of our talented instructors will teach you hover control, how to initiate turns, how to stop them, and overall stability in the air. What we have found is that this added piece makes the journey through AFF much easier for students by giving them a firm foundation to take to the sky with them. Once you’ve demonstrated a basic understanding of these principles it’s time to take it to the sky. Your first skydives will be with two jump masters. They will guide you step - by - step through each of the jumps and skills you are practicing. You will learn stable free fall, what to do when unstable, you will learn to do front flips and backflips. These skills are geared towards teaching you safe free fall skills. 

AFF Pricing
7 Levels* **
Cost Per Jump
Level 1 (15 min. of tunnel + First Jump Course)
Level 2 (Two Jumpmasters)
Level 3 (Two Jumpmasters)
USPA Membership Required After Level 3
Level 4 (1 Jumpmaster)
Level 5 (1 Jumpmaster)
Level 6 (1 Jumpmaster)
Level 7 (1 Jumpmaster)
First Solo!
Course Total Cost

Continuing Education Required Coach Jumps: 6 Categories -

After your AFF course you will learn valuable skills geared towards preparing you to jump successfully with others. You will learn various techniques that will keep you safe when jumping with others. These skills will build your confidence and prepare you for the fun sport and family  that you are joining.

Coaching Program Prices
Coaching Categories* **
Cost Per Jump
Category 1 (2 Clear & Pull Jumps)
Category 2 - Tracking
Category 3 - Forward Motion
Category 4 - Fall Rate
Category 5 - Docking
Category 6 - Swooping
CHECK DIVE! - Congratulations!
Total Cost of Coaching Program
Student jumps (solos) toward your A License w/Gear rental
Videographer Service DVD & Stills for any training category
Mandatory Packing Course (must be completed prior to A license) 

*Student jumps include all equipment rental (Parachute, Goggles, Altimeter, and Helmet)

** The total cost is based upon successful completion of each level on the first attempt.  As with any sport, trainee performance varies and as a result, actual total cost may be higher.